What happens at your meetings?  Do I have to sign up or RSVP to come?

You do not have to sign up or RSVP to come to a meeting – just find a meeting date in our calendar and show up!  Generally, we begin every meeting with introductions of the VBE’s (Volunteer Babywearing Educators) and of the parents/caregivers in attendance.  This helps you to meet us as well as helps us to know what you’re looking to learn at the meeting.  After introductions, we will introduce a certain type of carrier or technique for demonstration.  Once the demonstration is finished, we often will break into small groups/give individual attention on specific carriers that attendees request.  At any time during the meeting you are welcome to browse and try on carriers from the lending library with our help as needed.

What should I bring?

Please bring any baby carrier that you would like help learning.  If you do not have any baby carriers, we will have a whole host of carriers/wraps that you can try!

Can I bring my older child?  Spouse/partner?  Parent?  Child’s caregiver/nanny/daycare provider?  Friend?

Yes, absolutely!  We welcome babywearing moms & dads, biological/adoptive/foster parents, step-parents, two mommy or two daddy families, grandparents, aunts/uncles, friends, and daycare providers.  We are here to support everyone who cares for a young baby or child.  Older children are always welcome, however you may choose to bring a small toy or snack to keep your child occupied as our meetings are primarily indoors and we do not provide childcare.

I am currently pregnant.  Should I still come to a meeting?

Definitely!  If you are pregnant and either are looking to buy a carrier or already have a carrier you’d like to learn to use, please come to a meeting!  At each meeting, along with our lending library of carriers to try, we also bring weighted dolls of infant size so that you may practice how to safely wear your child in your carrier before they arrive.

How about nursing at your meetings?  Since I’m a mom of a newborn, my child frequently nurses on demand.

You are welcome to nurse or formula feed your child whenever they need to eat, wherever you are at our meetings and playdates!  If a nursing cover makes you feel more comfortable feel free to use one, but most mothers tend to nurse their children at our meetings without a cover.

When will you be adding more meeting locations?  I’d love your meetings to be closer!

All BWI of Central Indiana meetings and playdates are run by Volunteer Babywearing Educators, and – as the title indicates – we are volunteers.  Collectively, we would love to offer more meeting locations and plan to once we have more accredited educators.  We all have children and a variety of other commitments – including for many of us income-producing jobs.  We do the best we can between costs, commitments, calendars, and so on.  We beg your understanding and highly encourage you to get involved, gain experience, become a VBE, and help us to launch additional meeting times and locations!

Lending Library and Membership:

What is a lending library?  What carriers are in the library?

A lending library is the group of carriers our chapter offers for our members to borrow each month.  The lending library is present at all BWI of CI meetings.  Current carriers/wraps in the lending library may be found at this link.  Any member of our chapter may borrow one carrier per month.  To find out more on membership, please visit our chapter dues/membership page!

How do I borrow a carrier from the library?

As a BWI of CI member, you are able to borrow any one wrap or carrier from a meeting per month.  At any meeting, you may select any one carrier of your choosing from the library and bring it to a VBE to alert them of your desire to borrow.  You may only have one carrier out per month, and it will be due back at the next meeting in that location, although you are welcome to return the carrier earlier at another meeting location if you prefer.  While you have the carrier or wrap, we ask that you follow a few specific rules.

Babywearing & Baby Carriers/Misc.:

I am not a “crunchy granola” type of person.  Will I feel comfortable at the meetings?

Babywearing is a wonderful option for all styles of parenting and we welcome any parents no matter their stand on parenting practice, political philosophy, religious belief, or social cause.  We aim to make our meetings as comfortable and helpful as possible.  Rather often, we’ve had parents give feedback on the Facebook page that they’ve not only learned new carriers/techniques at our meetings, but that they’ve been able to chat with other parents and make friends at the same time.

Are strollers allowed at your meetings and playdates?

Absolutely.  While some parents in our group do not have or use strollers, there are certainly a high percentage that do with their smaller babies and/or older siblings.  We frequently see moms on our walking playdates wearing their children and pushing a stroller with either an older sibling or their diaper bag and gear.  Babywearing is beneficial to your child whether you choose to do it occasionally or all the time – and we support both habits!



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