Babywearing International of Central Indiana was formed in 2012, initially between a group of mothers looking to share their love and knowledge of wearing their children – calling themselves the Indianapolis Babywearers. In 2013, the Indianapolis Babywearers became an official Babywearing International Chapter – a nonprofit, volunteer organization promoting babywearing as a universally accepted practice, with benefits for both child and caregiver, through education and support. For more information, please visit Babywearing International’s page.

The groups leaders and VBE’s (Volunteer Babywearing Educators) are:


jenJennifer Massey, President and Treasurer- Jen is a working mother to a boy and a girl.  She has been an avid babywearer since her son’s birth and truly enjoys teaching others about the benefits of babywearing.  Outside of babywearing, Jen enjoys gardening, reading books (that aren’t children’s books!) and being outdoors – but tries to stay away from tasks like cooking and cleaning.  Jen’s favorite carrier is a woven wrap. Jen currently holds the Volunteer Babywearing Educator accreditation through BWI.


EmilyEmily VonLanken, Secretary – Emily is a mother to a sdaughter and caregiver to many more children.  Her babywearing journey began 7 years ago with a Bjorn which quickly led to other carriers.  Emily’s favorite carrier by far is her custom woven wrap, but also loves a soft structured carrier for quick ups and downs.  Emily currently holds the Volunteer Babywearing Educator accreditation through BWI.




Volunteer Babywearing Educators:


Megan Conway, VBE –  Megan, a north side Indianapolis native, is married to husband Bill and has six children (including twins born in the summer of 2015).  Megan graduated from Purdue University with a degree in elementary education, but is currently a stay at home mom.  Her love for babywearing began with a humble pouch sling and Baby Bjorn carrier  years ago – and now these days, with six children, her stash of woven wraps saves Megan’s sanity on a daily basis!  When Megan is not wearing her babies, her passions include cooking, her Christian faith, and coffee.  Megan currently holds the Volunteer Babywearing Educator accreditation through BWI.

Holly Wood, VBE – Holly became a VBE in 2014 and is a mother of four boys.

Virginia Ranly, VBE – Gin became a VBE in 2014.  She is the mother to one girl and expecting a second child in 2016.  Gin holds degrees in Environmental Sciences and Environmental Studies.  She loves how babywearing makes it easier to enjoy time outdoors with her daughter.  She also loves cooking, baking, and traveling to great outdoor destinations.

In addition to the Volunteer Babywearing Educators, the group also depends on Chapter Support Volunteers to help manage our online presence, meetings and events.  CSVs are Sara Klein, Amanda Lenz, Cindi Golis, Rachel Couts, Tiffany Loebe.



3 thoughts on “Leaders/VBE’s

  1. Just saw a car with your bumper sticker on it; I had no idea that your group existed! Best wishes from a babywearing (Bjorn, Hotslings, Ergo) dad … wearing sons for a decade!

  2. Hi! I am the practice manager at Home4Birth Midwifery services and was wondering if we could get some brochures or business cards for your group to give to our clients? Thank you so much!!!

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