Lending Library

BWI of Central Indiana offers members of our chapter the ability to borrow one wrap or carrier per month. This allows our members to try out a carrier in their day-to-day life to determine if that wrap or carrier will meet their child and family’s needs.

At this time, BWI of CI only lends to members of our chapter.  To find out more information,  please click here.

Library Rules:

– During the time that a carrier or wrap is under your care, you assume responsibility for its use.  You assume the responsibility for safely using all carriers and for inspecting the stitching and fabric on all carriers to satisfy yourself that the carrier is sound and suitable for use with your child, and you assume the risk of using a carrier. Each time you borrow a carrier, you agree to indemnify and hold harmless Babywearing International of Central Indiana, its leaders and members (the “Releasees”), and Babywearing International, Inc., for any harm that may result to you or your child from the use of the carrier, including any harm allegedly resulting from the Releasees’ instruction or alleged failure to instruct.

– This carrier was loaned to you and you alone.  Please do not lend this carrier to anyone during its month with you.

– Do not allow the carrier exposure to tobacco smoke or tobacco smoke residue.  Do not store the carrier in a place where there is tobacco smoke or residue.

– Please do not wash the carrier or wrap.  If you encounter a situation where washing is necessary, please visit the BWI of CI Facebook page to post on the wall to inquire as to how to clean the carrier.

– Please promptly return the carrier at the next month’s meeting.  If you are unable to return the carrier within one month, you may arrange through the Facebook page to deliver the carrier to a leader’s home.  If you are unable to deliver the carrier either of those ways, you may also mail the carrier to a leader of the group via Priority Mail with shipping confirmation.  Leaders and VBE’s are not able at this time to meet to pick up carriers.  Late fees may be assessed for carriers past a week overdue.

The complete list of available carriers is kept updated in the albums section of our Facebook group.

If you have any interest in borrowing these carriers, please click here to find out more information about becoming a member of our chapter!



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